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The all new LanBox Interface: controlling the lights is as simple as it should be.

Let restaurant and facility owners worry about their jobs, not about the lights!  While you can control all your dimmer packs and light fixtures; store all your elaborate and creative light scenes into the LanBox-LCXi and LCX. Everybody else can operate an interface panel they will understand. It will not crash, reboot or request updates. Instead it will run standalone, reliably for years and years.

The LanBox Interface is a small and stylish control panel for use in symbiose with the current LanBox-LCX and the new LanBox-LCXi. Our philosophy about products has always been and always will be to create products that are very versatile and durable. And this also applies to the new LanBox Interface.

With its individually illuminated buttons and the solid, touch sensitive aluminium housing it is both a small light desk and a light fixture for you to implement in restaurants, shops, bars and your home. Using the included set of labels you can tailor the LanBox Interface to fit your requirements.

Versatile and colourful
The LanBox Interface is designed to fit in any environment whether it is a bar, a restaurant of even your home. Having a surface area of only 8x8cm and a total height of 2cm, the LanBox interface houses nine illuminated push buttons. Behind every button you can insert a label with an icon or text to fit your specific requirements. We ship a standard set of labels with every product. Of course you can also print your own label sheets or send us your requests.

The housing is made from very rigid and durable machined aluminium. The LanBox Interface is treated with a matte grey anodization layer. For larger orders we can customize the surface color to your requirements.

The housing also responds to touch, allowing for the buttons to glow as you touch the housing. This response can be programmed both in the LanBox Interface as well as in a cuelist within the LanBox-LCX and LCXi. The buttons are soft touch push buttons, you have to push them a bit to operate, preventing accidental triggering.
The LanBox Interface has nine very bright RGB LED lights and is is a very energy efficient product as well. It uses less then 2 Watt of maximum power when all lights are fully on! The power for the LanBox Interface is carried via the same cat5 cable that also carries both (DMX) data signals. When used with the LanBox-LCXi, you can connect up to 10 LanBox Interfaces with a maximum lenght of 150m of cat5 cable.

You can program the LanBox Interface to directly light up when a button is pushed and you can set every individual button to automatically behave as a toggle or momentary switch. The LanBox Interfaces merges its own programming with the incoming DMX signal from the LanBox-LCXi and LCX so you can set a colour or colour chase of any button with a simple cuelist.

Information about all nine buttons as well as the touch sensitive housing is send by the LanBox Interface to the LanBox-LCX or LCXi using a second DMX universe. You can set the start address for this 10 channel light-desk so you receive the DMX data there where you need it. The LanBox Interface also has a built in DMX merger. When you connect a second LanBox Interface to the first one, the information from the first LanBox Interface is added to the information of the second one and so on. You can connect up to 10 LanBox Interfaces to one LanBox-LCXi.
Inserting the labels
The LanBox Interface is shipped including a large set of labels. When you require the buttons to be brightly lit you can use the transparent text labels sheets, or use the dark coloured labels with transparent text for a more unintrusive setup.
We can make custom sheets when required. Send us an email with your specific requirements and we will send you a quote. All labels are made from 0,5mm thick transparent plastic sheet with printed text or icons.
Installing the LanBox Interface
Installing the LanBox Interface is easy. You need to mount the included steel plate to the wall or onto a standard junction box. The electronics assembly is mounted to this steel plate. The electronics assembly houses all buttons, electronics, connectors and two mounting screws. Using the included hex key you can quickly secure the electronics assembly on the steel plate.
The electronics assembly has both an input and output connector set. The connectors are spring loaded phoenix style contacts. You need to strip the Cat5e wires and insert them in the connector. Once the cables are inserted you can mount the electronics assembly to the steel plate.
The solid aluminium housing holds the button cover. This cover is made from a soft and transparent plastic. You need to insert the labels of your choice into the housing and secure the housing on the electronics assembly using the four snap fit fasteners.
The LanBox Interface is a small light desk. It broadcasts the information from its nine push buttons and the touch sensitive housing via the DMX output which you can directly feed into the LanBox-LCXi or LanBox-LCX. Based on the information of the buttons you can trigger cuelists and use all other LanBox-LCXi functions.

Setting the buttons DMX start channel. Using the nine buttons you can set the LanBox Interface start channel. The LanBox Interface broadcasts 10 DMX channels for the nine buttons and the touch sensitive housing. By setting the DMX start channel you can select where these 10 channels are positioned within the DMX universe.

Setting the buttons toggle mode. You can select the behaviour mode of each individual button. Every button can operate in toggle mode or in instantaneous mode.

Setting the buttons reponse mode. You can select the feedback mode of the LanBox Interface. You can set the mode to make the buttons automatically light up when touched. This feedback can be disabled so the led lights will only respond to the incoming DMX stream or you can merge the incoming DMX stream with an automated response.

Setting the buttons colour mode. If you select a response mode to automatically turn on the corresponding LED light of a button, you can select the response colour with this setup. This also includes a fade in of all nine LED lights when you touch the aluminium housing.

You can daisy chain multiple LanBox Interfaces. The DMX stream containing the information of any LanBox Interface is automatically merged in HTP with the information of the next LanBox Interface.
Light fixture features
The LanBox Interface holds nine multicolour LED lights, each one precisely positioned in the centre behind each button. You can use the LanBox Interface as a small light fixture by controlling it from the LanBox-LCXi or LanBox-LCX.

Setting the DMX LED lights start channel. Using the nine buttons you can select the DMX start channel for the nine led lights.

Setting the DMX LED lights mode. The LanBox Interface can operate in 27 channel or 3 channel mode. In 27 channel mode you can control the intensity and colour of each RGB LED light. In 3 channel mode you can set the intensity of red, green and blue light of all 9 lights simultanously.
Connecting the LanBox Interface
You can connect the LanBox Interface to both the LanBox-LCX and LanBox-LCXi. The LanBox-LCX can power one LanBox Interface for which we provide the dedicated cable kit.

Using the new LanBox-LCXi you can connect up to 10 LanBox Interfaces using standard Cat5 cabling. For this purpose the LanBox-LCXi has a dedicated outlet that provides 48VDC, DMX in and DMX out.

Both data streams to and from the LanBox Interface are common DMX streams. It is advised to use Cat5 or better cabling and have an installation with a total cable length of no more than 150 meters.

The LanBox Interface has two sets of spring operated phoenix connectors at the back. These allow for quickly connecting the wires to the LanBox Interface.
Customizing the LanBox Interface

You can customize the LanBox Interface to fit your requirements by inserting the sheets that you want there where you want them.

For larger installations, you can also order a custom LanBox Interface with the anodized aluminium housing coloured in any RAL colour.

You can also order custom sheets or, of course, make your own. Contact us for details.
Included in the package
The LanBox Interface is shipped as a single small package. Included is the complete product inclusing the standard set of sheets (see above)
8x8cm surface area, 2cm deep

Shipping Dimensions:
16x12x3cm glossy gift bag
Installation weight:
150 gram excluding sheets

Shipping weight:
250 gram

Connecting the Cables
RJ45 pin
send data 1 +
send data 1 -
receive data 2 +
receive data 2 -
gnd data 1
gnd data 2
Wire color